Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Demon Girl

The Demon Girl
Penelope Fletcher
191 pages
Publisher: Smashwords
Source: Free NookBook

Awful, awful, awful.  This is the first real negative review I've ever had to write about a book because, honestly, it was a horrible excuse for a novel.  There was no character development, the plot very rushed and skipped around leaving me a little confused at points, nothing was fleshed out like it should have been, there wasn't enough description and, worst of all, the editing seemed to have been non-existent.  At the time I acquired this book it was only available on NookBook.  It's riddled with grammatical and spelling errors and paragraphs that start mid-sentence.  At least a few times there were references to things in this fantasy world with no description as to what those things actually were.  It was released last month in paperback and I can only hope that an editor looked it over before it was published.  It says first in a series and I guarantee you I will not be reading any subsequent books.

I have to admit, I seriously considered not finishing this one and I only skimmed the ending.

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