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Megan Duncan
260 pages
Publisher: the author
Source: Books With Bite Book Tours

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

Abby and Carter's parents have been killed by the Demons.  After radio transmissions about a safe haven in New Mexico stop, they set out with their friend Max to find the place.  Along the way the pick up another survivor and are soon on their way to the Army compound in New Mexico.

Savannah from Books With Bite made this book sound so kick-butt that I was excited to sign up for the book tour and give it a read.  Unfortunately, I didn't like it quite as much as Savannah.

Here's why: I felt like there could have been a lot more backstory and fleshing out.  The book was extremely short, there wasn't more than a couple paragraphs of backstory and there wasn't much character development, either.  In addition to that, everything seemed to easy for the teens as they set out on their journey.

I didn't hate the book, though.  For one, Abby was a great protagonist.  Instead of being a nervous teenage girl about the end of the world, she picked up her rifle, swore at the demons, and aimed to kill.  You don't get much more strong and independent than that.  Despite her strong characteristics, I also loved her ability to be soft, to have a romance with Max and to save Taya's life.

And, as usual, the book was sprinkled with some minor spelling and grammar errors, like "your" instead of "you're," or "too" instead of "two."  These are things that really irritate me when I read a book.  Thankfully, it wasn't the worst I've experienced and the story itself redeemed this book a little in my eyes, particularly the last chapter.  If you're a huge fan of dystopian/end-of-the-world/zombies or something are coming to kill us all kind of books, you'll probably like Released.  It's only 99¢ for Kindle and Nook right now and at that price, it's definitely worth a read.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Sorry you didn't like it as much. It happens. Some books you like and others not.


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