Thursday, August 18, 2011


Cyn Balog
244 pages
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Source: Books With Bite Book Tours

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

Qwen has been separated from her boyfriend, Wish, for four years when he suddenly announces he's moving back into town and can't wait to kiss her finally!  There's just one problem, Qwen has gained about seventy pounds since last seeing him and had zero social life.  She's afraid she's so much of a loser that when Wish takes one look at her, he'll dump her.

I absolutely loved this book.  What drew me in immediately was the character of Qwen - her problems are so realistic but her sense of humor about them made me laugh at least five times during the book.  I couldn't wait to read what she was going to say to make me laugh next.  Qwen was just an awesome character all around.  I want to be her friend IRL.

I also enjoyed the banter Qwen had with Christian, the winter help at her family's bakery.  There was an are they or aren't they question running through my mind throughout the entire book and I wish that had been explored a bit more.  Christian seemed like a good dude and I would have liked to learn more about him.

The plot was great, I devoured it in a night.  The book ended on a slightly paranormal note that I didn't see coming for the first half of the book, but when Wish returns something is obviously up with him.  He's very particular about the sun and rain - sort of the opposite of Edward Cullen, so I knew he wasn't a vampire.  I haven't seen anything like this in YA lit before.  Refreshing and not too paranormal if that's not your thing.

So yeah, five stars from me!  I highly recommend it and it's out now!

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