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J. Meyers
265 pages
Publisher: the author
Source: the author

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Luke and Sera are twins and they have powers that they're trying to hide from those around them; Luke has visions - little glimpses of the future that can tell him if danger is approaching.  Sera can heal - all she has to do is touch a person who is suffering from any kind of physical ailment and her touch can cure them.  Luke and Sera are only using their powers for good, but there is someone out there, someone dark, who feels threatened by their power and wants to see them killed.  When Luke has a vision that Sera will be killed, he feels lost.  His visions have never been wrong before.

Dun dun dun!!

I loved the bond between Luke and Sera, I thought they made a great set of twins and their "powers" complimented each other very well.  They didn't have a huge group of friends, but those they did have were very dear to them and it showed.  Luke and Sera were very mature for their age and had their priorities straight!  I loved how Sera would sneak off to the hospital to secretly cure those in need.  The characters in this novel are fully rounded and have believable flaws.  I loved each and every one of them.

Of course, the paranormal aspect of Intangible is pretty huge.  You've got your fairies, your darker fairies, vampires, prophecies, and so on.  It was a lot of paranormal, but J. Meyers has a way of writing so it's not information overload.  Intangible flowed really well without pages and pages of detail and explanation to bog the reader down.  The whole novel was paced very well and Intangible is definitely a great read.  Heading to the beach this summer?  Intangible would be the perfect accompaniment of sunny day by the water.

Four stars!  This was one of the best self-published books I've ever read - I couldn't find any errors and the writing was very professional.  I highly recommend this to paranormal YA fans - it's got something in it for everyone!  The ebook is very affordable right now and worth the price.

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