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Bras, Boys, and Blunders

Bras, Boys, and Blunders
Vidya Samson
132 pages
Publisher: the author
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A short review for a short book!  When the author contacted me to review her novella, I was pretty intrigued.  I don't know much about what it's like to grow up in Bahrain, but the plot sounded interesting and I thought maybe I would learn something, so I gave it a go.

Don't let the plain cover fool you; Bras, Boys, and Blunders is an entertaining coming of age novel set in Bahrain.  This short novella follows Veena, a young girl growing up in Bahrain who is trying to navigate school, home life, and her bra size.  Between landing the role of Juliet in the school play and praying for bigger boobs, Veena's got a pretty busy and interesting life.

As it turns out, teenage girls in Bahrain go through the same things teenage girls go through in America - insecurities about their looks, worries about dating and their first kiss, and dealing with embarrassing parents and family members.  Because of this, even though I have never stepped foot in the Middle East, I found Veena's character to be very relatable.

There are all sorts of things Veena does in this book, but the one that got me the most was her haircut.  She tried so hard to find someone to cut it for her and for it to end up the way it did - well, it was hoot. Check it out for yourself.

Three stars!  This is a short, cute novella, give it a look!

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  1. I'll be reviewing this one in September! I just reviewed the author's "Indian Maidens Bust Loose," which I really enjoyed.


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