Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily
Jodi Lynn Anderson
292 pages
Released: July 3, 2102
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: library

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

Aw, sadface.  I was so looking forward to reading Tiger Lily because of my love for Peter Pan - at least the Disney version and the ride at Disney World.  Tiger Lily, as the title would suggest, is a novel about  Tiger Lily told from the point of view of Tinker Bell.  Through Tink's tiny eyes we watch Tiger Lily fall in love with Peter Pan, but her adoptive father announces she will be wed to someone from the tribe whom Tiger Lily finds repulsive.

So, as I mentioned I was very excited to read Tiger Lily, but unfortunately this book simply didn't do it for me.  I'll be brief - I didn't find myself identifying with any of the characters and I found most of them to be pretty flat.  In addition, the plot was slow and at times boring.  I really don't know what else to say and that saddens me.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed Tiger Lily better if I had read the non-Disney-fied version beforehand.  I don't know how the original story goes, but I did notice some differences between Tiger Lily and the Disney version, like how Peter Pan meets Wendy, for example.

Two stars.  I'm so sad I didn't love this book, but by the end I was so bored I skimmed the last sixty-or-so pages.  But if you hit up Goodreads you're sure to find four and five star reviews from people who loved the novel and maybe you'll be one of them, though I would recommend borrowing a copy before purchasing.

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  1. wow. interesting to see your review and rating on this book.
    I haven't read it yet myself, but like you, I've got high expectations from everything I've heard about it. I think yours is the first 'less than-enthusiastic' review I've seen.
    Just lets me know I might need to wait and find it on sale to buy it.

    .. at least the cover is completely amazing.


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