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The Pineville Heist (Team Booboo, Review, and Interview!)

The Pineville Heist
Lee Chambers
147 pages
Released: July 20, 2011
Publisher: MISFP Publishing
Source: the author

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Today on the blog I'm happy to be participating in the blog tour promoting The Pineville Heist - a new YA book based off the screenplay of the same title.  Why is this exciting, you might ask?  Well, aside from The Pineville Heist being a great little book to read (seriously, pick it up!) the movie will be starring none other than Booboo Stewart who gained his fame from playing Seth in the Twilight Saga.

I read The Pineville Heist last week and was immediately drawn in by the action.  Non-stop action.  Seventeen-year-old Aaron accidentally stumbles into bank heist.  Five million dollars of his father's money has been stolen and while hiding under a canoe, Aaron witnesses the murder of one of the robbers.  Soon Aaron's in pretty deep as he steals the money and runs back to his high school and to the safety of his drama teacher, Amanda Becker.

The Pineville Heist is 100% thriller.  As I mentioned, the action starts and then doesn't stop until the end of the novel.  It's a quick book that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.  Since the book was based off the screenplay, it easily translates into the mind.  I could see it all playing out in my head and I have no doubt this will make an excellent, although probably pretty bloody, film.  You're definitely going to want to check this book out while we're waiting for the movie to be released.

And now for a quick interview with the author, Lee Chambers.

Panda Reads (PR) - Welcome to my blog, Lee! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Lee Chambers (LC) - It’s my pleasure and thank you for having me on Panda Reads.

I am a writer, producer and director and have been lecturing and producing award-winning films and education film production workshops for over ten.  In 2005 I developed the Make It Short film Project, which has gained Executive Producer support from Academy Award winners, Paul Haggis, Denys Arcand and Roger Corman.  My debut novel, The Pineville Heist, which I developed from the screenplay I co-wrote with Todd Gordon is set to become my debut directorial into feature movies.

PR - Where did the inspiration for The Pineville Heist come from?

LC - The inspiration for The Pineville Heist came from a time when I was about 10 years old at a school summer camp.  We were playing hide and seek and I hid under a canoe.  I was able to watch everything going on from underneath and was never found.  I had made a note of this; I am a notorious note taker, and years later the idea came to me, “What if a kid witnessed a murder, while hiding under a canoe?”

PR - Can you tell us how the writing process was for you? Do you outline or just sit down and write it out?

LC - The Pineville Heist was created in what some would consider an unusual process, in that I developed the story from a screenplay, rather than developing a screenplay from a novel.  While writing a screenplay is like creating an architectural blueprint, it contains a set of instructions, whereas novel writing allows you to explore character, emotions and motivations, it allows you to develop plot further.  As director I visualise stories, so it was initially a challenge to get my head around the craft of novel writing.

I tend to aim at writing several pages a day, however writing is a little like housework; I procrastinate and then I finally sit down and start writing and before I know it, I’ve written a novel.

In July of this year I finished my second novel, The Sum of Random Chance, a story I developed from a screenplay I co-wrote with Kris Ketonen.

PR - Can you tell us a little bit about the status of the movie?

LC - The process of producing a movie can take years, and that was one of the reasons I decided to novelise The Pineville Heist.  People don’t generally read screenplays, so rather than having the story gather dust I decided to turn the story into the novel.  Which in effect keeps me energised as a filmmaker, and passionate about the story, as well as being able to attract a fan base prior to the movie being released..

Sign Post Pictures in Canada has taken on The Pineville Heist, we have attracted a Distributor to come on board and the project is currently in the financing stage of getting the movie produced.  Which is a little catch 21 situation, you need certain funding from one agency or investment partner, before you are able to approach the next agency.

What is very exciting for Pineville is that we have attracted teen movie sensation, Booboo Stewart, from the Twilight franchise, as the lead character Aaron Stevens.  I met Booboo last year and after reading the screenplay and novel he was excited to be part of the project.

PR - Are there any other fun projects you're working on right now?

LC - There are several fun projects being developed as we speak.

I’m in the process of writing another screenplay, again with writing partner Todd Gordon.  This time it is an adult thriller, the story is a lot more gritty and with a raw edge to it.

Then for a change of pace I am also working on my next novel, which is a comedy and good fun; it’s based on a screenplay I worked on about ten years ago with Olly Perkin and Ra-ey Saleh.

And then winter may just see me put my Director’s cap back on.

However, the main priority for the year is getting The Pineville Heist funded so we can start shooting in 2013.

PR - What do you like to read when you have downtime?

LC - I probably have a tendency towards thrillers, whether that is reading or going to the movies to watch a thriller.  The main thing for me is being able to be entertained by a story.

PR - Anything else you want to add?

LC - For more information on The Pineville Heist check out, it is also available from:

Thanks so much for stopping by Lee!  I can't wait to see The Pineville Heist when it hits theaters!

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