Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 YA Story Scavenger Hunt, Day 25

Merry Christmas!  Looking for this, hunters?  I have today's trivia questions from Fiction Fervor's 2012 YA Story Scavenger Hunt here for you.  2012YASSH challenges you with your knowledge of young adult books published this year, and if you enter, you might win a prize!  Check out it here for more info. And be sure to read the rules!

Without further ado, today's questions come from Perception by Kim Harrington.

Easy: Who was Clare’s stalker?
Medium: Who are the three most popular girls in Clare’s class?
Hard: On what street did Sierra Waldman live?

Enter your answers in the form below!

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  1. I like to think i’m learning, but when i learn one thing another comes along, 24hours in the day is just never enough, cheers for your insight


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