Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's about to get real...

If you follow a decent number of blogs, you know what's about to happen... Google Reader is shutting down July 1st.  After this weekend, it's done.  Oh noes!  All those book blogs I follow!  How will I get through that thousand post backlog I have on my Google Reader?

Oh shiz...

Oh wait, there's a solution... Bloglovin!  When it became apparent this past spring that Google wasn't going to say, "Hey, just kidding!  You can keep Reader," I signd up for Bloglovin' because I'd seen it mentioned on several of the book blogs I follow.  After signing up I essentially forgot about it until recently, because, you know, the day of reckoning is almost here.  Uh, I mean, Google Reader will be dead by Monday.

But here's what I learned... I like Bloglovin' better than Google Reader!  I honestly do!  Here's why: in Google Reader, blog posts show up like basic text and to leave a comment or enter Rafflecopter giveaways, I would have to open the blog post in a new window.  But, in Bloglovin, I can view my feed in a separate window where in a Bloglovin toolbar graces the top of the window and the actual blog post is underneath.  Now I can see the whole blog page, not just the text, and I don't need to open new windows to enter Rafflecopters.  Yay!  Now I can look at all your pretty blog pages and not just read a block of black and white text.  Here's what it looks like with my most recent review pulled up:

Ouuu, ahhh!

Look, you can see how many posts you have left to read, can go through them one by one, and you can even post a page to Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest.  Hello!  That's so convenient!

So, in lieu of Google Reader, I really think Bloglovin is the way to go.  Remember, you only have until Monday to get situated, so I suggest signing up and transferring your blog list before it's too late.  And while you're at it, be sure to add my blog to your Bloglovin list so you never miss another review or giveaway here at Panda Reads!

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PS:  I think I'm falling in love with Bloglovin, but... Google, I still don't forgive you for shutting down such a popular feature.  What's up with that?

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  1. I agree, I think I like Bloglovin' more than Google reader! But I still wonder what is going to happen to other things from Google, like GFC..



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