Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lisey's Story

Lisey's Story
Stephen King
653 pages
Publisher: Pocket, 2006
Source: Border's going out of business sale

You can find the Goodreads summary here.

After reading the back cover of this novel I was excited to read it, especially since it's been awhile (far too long) since I've read a Stephen King book.  The concept was new to me, at least - an author had died leaving his wife, Lisey, to deal with crazy man who wants to essentially steal his unpublished works.  But the author, Scott Landon, had an imaginary place that he and his wife could physically go to, and it's there that Lisey will find the answers to help her survive.

The novel contained a lot of flashbacks, so many that at times it was hard to know where in the story I was.  In addition to that, it was a little repetitive and drawn out.  After getting to page five hundred tonight I decided to chug through the last one hundred fifty or so pages so that I could move on to a new book.

But on the plus side, the book had characters with real problems and the plot line on the whole was great.  The whole thing came togethers smoothly in the end when the crazy man is dealt with Lisey find her story and learns the whole truth about her husbands past.  On the whole, a decent read.

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