Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Sophie Kinsella
386 pages
Publisher: Dell Fiction

If it weren't for the time change last night (blast you "Spring Ahead!") and the fact that I had to get up early today for a work meeting, I would have stayed up late to finish this book.  I am in love with the Shopaholic series.  It reads as though a real person were telling you the story, not just some author written narrative; I think that's so refreshing!

In this second book in the Shopaholic series Becky follows here boyfriend Luke to New York City where he spends his time wheeling and dealing some business deals.  Meanwhile, Becky's world soon comes crashing down around her when a defamatory article is published about her.  She spends the rest of the novel wallowing a little bit and trying to get her life back together without Luke.

I cannot rave enough about how awesome of a writer Sophie Kinsella is.  Like I mentioned before, I love her writing style, as well as her rich characters which such distinct personalities and clever plot lines.  I can't wait to read the next books in this series.  And if you like chick-lit and you've never read a Shopaholic novel, you've got some issues.  You must go to the bookstore/library/anywhere and get a copy now!  (This book can be found on my PBS page if you're interested.)

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