Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sisters Red

Sisters Red
Jackson Pearce
324 pages
Publisher: Little Brown
Source: library

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

I had been hearing some positive buzz from other bloggers about Pearce's latest novel, Sweetly.  When I saw that it was second in a Fairytale Retelling series, I thought I would give the first book a read, which is how I came to read Sisters Red.

Sisters Red is a retelling of the story of Little Red Riding Hood - but it's so different from the classic story you heard as a child.  Rosie and Scarlett are sisters.  When they were very young, their grandmother was attacked and killed by a werewolf; the attack left Scarlett with horrible scars and minus one eye.  Since then, the sisters have been out with their friend Silas, baiting werewolves with their good looks and bright red capes, and then killing them to save the lives of other innocent girls.  When the wolves all meet in Atlanta to find a new wolf, they follow hoping for massive slaughter.

What I liked about this book was that it screams girl power, but I think it would also appeal to boys because of the the violent werewolf aspect.  There was some definite blood and guts in this book.  I also loved how loyal Rosie and Scarlett were to each other, straight through to the end of the book.  If I had a sister, I think that's what sisterhood would be all about.  Finally, aside from all the wolf-butt-kicking-girl power, I also really enjoyed the softer side of the book, that is the budding romance between Rosie and Silas.  It was so innocent and cute, and really balanced out the rest of the book.

I could totally see this being made into a dark fairytale movie a la Tim Burton.  Three stars and I'm looking forward to seeing what Sweetly has in store.

PS:  What an amazing cover.  I would hang that in a frame on my wall, that's how pretty it is.

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