Monday, October 17, 2011

Haunted on Bourbon Street

Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun #1)
Deanna Chase
247 pages
Publisher: Bayou Moon Publishing
Source: the author via a LibraryThing win

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

Yay!  This is the third self-published novel this month that I've really enjoyed.  I love that I'm breaking my own stereotypes here!

Haunted on Bourbon Street takes place in New Orleans, where Jade has just moved into a haunted apartment above a strip club.  She works at the cafe next door and soon befriends the owners of the strip club/cafe.  But there's a couple problems: one, her apartment is being haunted by a strange man she dubs Mr. Sexy.  Two, her new BFF Pyper is being haunted by a much, much darker force and Jade will do anything she can to keep Pyper from being tormented by Mr. Evil.

This was a great book!  And a great time to read it considering Halloween is rapidly approaching.  This book definitely has some chills in it - Mr. Evil is a very dark force who is haunting Pyper; he likes to beat her up while she's sleeping.  He's definitely not a friendly ghost.

But this book was also sexy.  Mr. Sexy likes to creep up on Jade while she's sleeping and play the role of incubus, though he's not a demon, he's a ghost who seems to have followed her home.

The cast of characters in this book was diverse and made the plot fun to read.  I definitely recommend this ebook for your Halloween reading pleasure.  Chilling and sexy, Haunted on Bourbon Street is a win-win in adult fiction.  Four stars!

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