Monday, October 31, 2011

New feature: Cheesy Romance Monday (1)

Welcome to my new feature: Cheesy Romance Monday.   As many Mondays as I can, I will be briefly reviewing a romance novel that otherwise would not make an appearance on my blog.   These romances are generally considered "cheesy" - things like Harlequin series romances that are mass produced in paperback and sold in drug stores.  That kind of thing.  Yes, they are cheesy (and I say that with affection, I don't mean it as negative) but they can also be great fun!  Who doesn't want to curl up with a dashing hero once in a while?   I admit they are a guilty pleasure of mine, which is one of the reasons I decided to start this feature.  So without further ado, my first Cheesy Romance Monday!

Bewitching Kittens
Janice Bennett, Patricia Bray, Cathleen Clare
Sub genre: Regency
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I got to this romance just in time for Halloween today!  Bewitching Kittens contains three regency romance short stories that feature kittens who, though various acts of micheviousness, are able to help their owners find love. What I really enjoyed about the stories were the active roles the cats had; they weren't mere bystanders like in some romances with animals, they were actually very much part of the plot lines. And adorable! My favorite story was the first, "Sanctuary," wherein the animal-loving heroine falls in love again with an old suitor she had previously rejected due to his penchance for hunting.

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