Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Hunger Pains: A Parody

The Hunger Pains: A Parody
The Harvard Lampoon
157 pages
Publisher: Touchstone
Source: Buffalo Airport bookstore

You can read the Goodsreads summary here.

I read the Harvard Lampoon's spoof of Twilight, Nightlight: A Parody, last year and laughed my freaking ass off, so when I found out they had written a parody of The Hunger Games, I was all over that.  Or at least - it was added to my wish list and I finally found a copy at an airport bookstore on my way back to Atlanta after visiting family.

The Hunger Pains is an extremely short book, clocking in at just over one hundred and fifty pages, so I was able to read it all during the actual flight.  Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as Nightlight.  This was probably a relief to the woman sitting next to me, as I was not laughing uncontrollably out loud.  It was more of a "I'm laughing in my head" kind of a funny.

Nonetheless, it was funny and if you're a diehard Hunger Games fan, I recommend giving it a read.  It won't take you more than two hours.  Kantkiss Neverclean was a great character, she was inherently stupid and never had the right idea about what was going on.  Her sister, Prin (short for Princess) was also a hoot.

Three stars!

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