Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keeping the Moon

Keeping the Moon
Sarah Dessen
228 pages
Publisher: Speak
Source: mall book sale :-P

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

So, the mall I work in was having a book sale and while there wasn't much to choose from (I only got two fiction books and two cookbooks) I found this one and since I didn't have a copy already, I scooped it up.  Color me surprised when I got it home and found out it was also signed!

Anyway, Keeping the Moon is about fifteen-year-old Colie whose mother has left her with her aunt while she goes on a tour circuit promoting hew new workout system.  Both Colie and her mother used to be very overweight, but thanks to diligent exercise they're both at good weights.  But for Colie, she still can't get past the stigma of once being fat.

This was basically a coming of age novel, where Colie, separated from the comfort of her mother, is left to face the demons of her past (sometimes literally) and develop a sense of self-worth.  That's a great message we need to teach all our daughters and I was glad Colie started that journey, but altogether the plot seemed a little too easy.

I thought this book at a lot of potential with its subject matter, but ultimately it did not deliver for me in the way Dessen's other books have.  Only three stars for this one.

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