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Bridget Zinn
276 pages
Releases: March 12, 2013
Publisher: Hyperion
Source: Southern ARC Tours

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Kyra is a skilled potion master on a mission - she must kill the princess before it's too late, before the kingdom is destroyed.  But she missed the first time she tried, so now on the run with her pig and Fred, she must search for the princess before she herself is captured.

Here's what was interesting about Poison - as the reader you don't know right away why Kyra must kill the princess.  As the book goes on things become clearer, but it's not until the last couple chapters that we learn who Kyra is and what her real place in the kingdom is.  Learning these significant facts along the way was actually fun and I appreciated how Bridget Zinn wrote the novel.  I also was a huge fan of the pig, Rosie.  She was an adorable addition to Poison.

Poison read just like a Disney movie.  I appreciated the spunky, young heroine, though she did find herself in need of saving a couple times.  Thankfully there was a stereotypically handsome young adventurer, reading to save her from drowning.  Of course, said young man has some secrets of his own as we find out later on.  Their romance was cute, but stereotypical.

However, the book ultimately fell a little flat to me.  By the end I was skimming a little bit, just waiting to see how it would end so I could write the review and move on.  Two stars.  This book didn't wow me and honestly the highlight for me was the pig.  However, if you're a fan of lite fantasy and traditional Disney movies, I think you would really enjoy Poison and it's worth a look.  If Poison ever was made into a movie, I would probably see it.

2/12 read!

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  1. oh wow, up to the last paragraph I was really excited for this book but I know the feeling of getting tired of a book and skimming the last couple of chapters just to find out what happens.. I don't know why it fell flat but I am kinda sad for that. The whole it being like a disney movie sounds cute!

    great review,
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf


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