Sunday, February 17, 2013

Small changes...

It's with a bit of a heavy heart that I write this today.  Over the past few weeks I've been faced with a decision that plenty of book bloggers face... how to go on.  When I started my blog I had significantly more free time than I do now, and recently more real-life obligations have been piling up.  It's pretty obvious from my blog...  I never posted a January recap and I've reviewed a grand total of two books in February so far and the month is almost over.  Appalling.

So what's a blogger gal to do?  The last thing I want to do is shut this down.  Despite my lack of time, I freaking love reading, my blog, and everything about it.  But at the same time, I find myself with a full schedule of book review requests and while I only accept books I really do want to read, at the same time I find myself staring longingly at my bookshelves and the literally hundreds of books I've acquired over the past two years that I want to read, but don't have the time for.  Books like The Selection, Shadow of Night, Article 5, Frost... and that's just a handful!

Look at that mess... this pic is about a month old and things have been rearranged, but nevertheless that's about half of it.  I want to read these books, not just look at them!

My goal last year was to read 200 books, though I was fully expecting to reach closer to 300.  I set my goal for 2013 at 200 books again, but I'm already thirteen behind.  I want to read what I want when I want.  So yesterday I made the decision.  I will be finishing up the requests I've accepted thus far, but I will no longer be taking requests from independent authors, or publishers whose books do not fit in with the exact theme of my blog.  I'll be updating my "Review Policy" tab to reflect that in the next couple days.

Bottom line, I love blogging, I love the community, and I love you guys.  I'm going to keep doing it, but I'm going to do it on my own terms now.  :)


  1. I feel the same way! When I started my blog I had SO much more time. Now I'm taking 16 credits and with a kid I feel like my reading/blogging time is really small anymore. Then I start thinking about when I graduate in May and start working full-time, will I ever have time for this stuff?? It scares me cause I really want to do it! Lately I've also been feeling like I have all these commitment to read certain books and can't ever read ones that I just want to read. How do people balance it?

  2. I feel you. While I still accept a lot of requests, I have definitely scaled back a lot. I realized that I wasn't having as much fun as I was having when I first started blogging. Good luck!


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