Saturday, April 30, 2011


Because my husband is in med school we move around.  A lot.  We're lucky to be in a place right now that we'll be for at least another year, but I long for a day that we will be in one place permanently.  Not just because I hate moving, and believe me I do, but because most of my book collection is still at my parent's house in my old bedroom because books are a b*tch to move.  As a result, this is our pitiful looking bookshelf now:

Four twenty-inch shelves stuffed to the brim.  We acquired most of those Stephen King's after we moved at a Border's going-out-of-business sale.  Not pictured: my bin of books I've read and are posted on my PaperBackSwap shelf.  It's got another 50+ books in it, so it's pretty hefty.

Anyway, I long for a day where I can invest in a gorgeous bookshelf and load it up with books.

I would love to put some Jim Shore tchotchkes and a collection of rare books in the glass cases in this unit, which is called "Hemnes" from IKEA.  It's just under a thousand dollars, so it's a pipe dream to be sure.

Also: stay tuned for a guest book review in the upcoming week!

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