Monday, April 25, 2011

Broken Flower

Broken Flower
V.C. Andrews
423 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books
Source: Barnes & Noble

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

Forty-seven pages in and I was confused.  The poor little girl of a main character was only six years old and had gotten her first period.  Her mother did the right thing by contacting a doctor to see why her daughter had early-onset puberty and what could be done about it, but then when it came time to tell Jordan's father they seemed overly concerned about not telling Jordan's grandmother.  Why would her grandmother be so appalled that Jordan had some sort of hormone problem?  Being sick shouldn't make you some kind of an outcast with your own family, or anyone for that matter.  That's something I just couldn't wrap my head around...

Then things got a little creepy, awkward, and even more creepy.  Suddenly, Grandma learns about the problem and it seems there is some mysterious connection between Jordan her her Grandmothers sister, her great-aunt Francis, which it seems we won't learn about until the second and final novel in this short series.

The plot was interesting, to say the least, and well thought-out, and the characters, even Jordan's character, had depth, feeling, and points-of-view.  I think Jordan was just a little girl who wanted to have a normal life while everything around her was crumbling.

Absolutely nothing happy happened in this novel and by the end a little girl's life as she knew it was destroyed.  Thankfully for V.C. Andrews, a book doesn't have to be happy for it to be good.  I think most V.C. Andrews books are shelved with YA, but I found this one in the adult fiction section.  I have to say, it was appropriately shelved.  I wouldn't recommend this novel for anyway under sixteen.

If you want to read it, you can find it on my PaperBackSwap shelf.

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