Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome Meg Cabot news!

Meg Cabot is one of my favorite authors and her Heather Wells series is one of my all-time favorite series.  Well, today Meg is chatting on Goodreads.com (clicky for chat group) and here's what I found out: 

"I know I keep saying I have two more coming out, but I DO! The next one will be out next year (2012) around Xmas time! I feel so badly because Heather has been trapped in a dressing trying on wedding dresses (even though she's not supposed to be, as you know if you've read Big Boned) for nearly a year now (in the first chapter of the manuscript for Book 4). It's time to get her out!"

So Heather's been stuck in chapter one of the fourth book for sometime, but at least we have a release time: the end of 2012.  Um, that's over a year away, Meg!  Get her out!

"And no, the next Heather Wells is NOT done. I wrote in an earlier message I feel bad about where I've left Heather in the incomplete manuscript: stranded in a JCrew dressing room, trying on cheap wedding dresses (you know those on sale ones). I have to get her out of there! She's supposed to be eloping! She's in so much trouble!

But I have to finish UNDERWORLD, the sequel to ABANDON. Poor Heather."

So, it looks like Heather is going to be stuck in that dressing room for some time (and can't you just picture her in that situation?) but at least she's still alive!  The manuscript is due in February.  

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