Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Millie's Fling

Millie's Fling
Jill Mansell
410 eBook pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source: Free NookBook

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

This book had a whole lot of plot, but basically it's this: Millie saves a random stranger from committing suicide.  The stranger turns out to be popular author Orla Hart who, eternally grateful to have had Millie save her life, decided to write a novel about Millie.  Soon Millie is reporting to Orla regularly about her life while Orla, in an attempt to make her novel more interesting, throws men in Millie's direction hoping for a fling.

Millie's Fling was your basic chick-lit novel with a British twist.  My absolute favorite part of this novel was Millie herself.  She's such an adorable, down-to-earth character!  I want to be best friend with Millie.  She might think her life is boring, but it actually isn't - especially after she loses her job at a travel agency and finds a job with a kiss-o-gram company, dressing up as a gorilla or roller skates to surprise unsuspecting victims with cheesy poems written by their loved ones.

I got the impression that Millie's Fling was a lot of like the books Orla wrote and I wonder how much of this novel the author based off her own experiences as a writer.  The book gets three stars from me - I liked it and definitely enjoyed reading about Millie and her adventures, but overall it just another chick-lit novel with nothing extraordinary about it.

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