Saturday, May 21, 2011

JAG: The Novel

JAG: The Novel
Robert Tine
181 pages
Publisher: Berkley Boulevard
Source: Eagle Eye Bookshop

You can read the Goodreads summary, such as it is, here.

OK, I admit this may seem like a strange book for me to read and review.  I'm the first person to rate/review it on Goodreads and it's been out of print for some time after being published in 1998.  But here's the thing: I'm a huge, huge fan of the TV show JAG.  So when I stumbled across this book by pure accident at the Bookshop, it literally made my day.

Since you're probably not interested, I'll keep it brief: The five men of the Davey Jones Locker Club have been meeting annually since their graduation together from Annapolis.  But this year after their reunion one of them, Hawkes, is murdered and the other four become suspects, particularly Philips who was not quiet about his jealousy of Hawkes' job.  Now it's up to Harmon Rabb and his coworkers at JAG to find out who the murderer really was.

This book was pretty awesome.  The television series ended in 2005 and this novel read just like an episode, so it was great to have a new JAG "episode" to enjoy.  There is a second book but sadly it's also out of print so I think I'm going to have a difficult time finding it.

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