Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheesy Romance Monday (2)

The Doctor's Family
Lenora Worth
Subgenre: Inspirational
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Soooo, I really liked this book.  I really love romances where the hero is a doctor and that's probably why I married one (well, amongst other reasons.)  There were all kinds of positive things going on in this book:

  • The hero, Jonathan, was a doctor!  There's nothing sexier than saving a life.
  • The heroine, Arabella, had three adorable daughters.  Just adorable.
  • There was some real plot and mystery behind the main plot line of the romance.  Who is Macy's real father?  She bears an uncanny resemblance to the triplets!  Dun dun dun...
  • The "inspirational" aspect of this novel was not overpowering at all and added to the plot nicely.  It was certainly not preachy, which I enjoyed. 

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