Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheesy Romance Monday (3)

Abby and the Bachelor Cop
Marion Lennox
Subgenre: Classic
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This was a cute, classic romance.  Definitely a classic kind of romance.  Abigail, aka Abby, is engaged to Philip and the wedding is imminent.  Then one day on the way to court she gets stuck behind a car accident where a bunch of dogs on the way to be euthanized have escaped.  Her ex, Raff, a cop, hands Abby a dog and tells her to take him to the vet, but Abby can't force herself to put Kleppy down, so she keeps him as her own.  Soon her feelings for Raff are coming back and she's questioning her upcoming nuptials.

I think Kleppy was the shining star of this romance.  He's appropriately named Kleppy because he's something of a kleptomaniac; he likes to steal things.  Anything from bras to other dogs, Kleppy with take it and he's been trouble with the law more than once because of it.  Haha, a dog in trouble with the law, what a hoot.  If you like your romances classic without lots of sex or paranormal aspects or an inspirational message, this would be a great romance for you to try.

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