Monday, November 14, 2011

The Start-Up

The Start-Up and The Anti-Social Network
Sadie Hayes
90 and 66 pages
Publisher: Backlit Fiction
Source: the author

You can read the Goodreads summaries here and here.

Amelia and Adam are twins, former foster children, and are finishing their first year on scholarship at Stanford University.  When Amelia invents a new iPhone app she soon catches the eye of a wealthy investor.  At first she is opposed to starting a business and earning money off her endless hours of coding, but when she and her brother lose their scholarships, she starts the venture.

I loved these novellas!  The Start-Up and The Anti-Social Network are like Gossip Girl meets Silicon Valley.  They were absolutely riveting.  What I particularly enjoyed was the balance between the descriptions of Amelia's program and the start-up itself and the more personal issues Amelia and Adam are dealing with, particularly in the second book when both twins have love interested and their former foster family comes back to haunt them.  Talk about juicy drama.

I particularly loved Amelia's character.  She's smart - both street smart and technically smart.  She's got the most common sense out of either twin and that made her a very realistic character.

I have already recommended this series to a friend and I recommend it highly to you, as well.  The Start-Up and The Anti-Social Network are, in my opinion, on the forefront of what is sure to be a great YA genre in the future simply because the topic of advancing technology is extremely relevant.  The ebooks are incredibly affordable, so go check it out right now!

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