Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love

The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love
Dyan Sheldon
352 pages
Publisher: Candlewick Press

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

When new student Cody Lightfoot shows up at school the girls are all a twitter.  He's the hottest thing to grace the school's hallways and they all want a chance to be with him.  When it turns out Cody is an environmentalist and joins the "loser" Environmental Club, the girls join with him and begin trying to out-green and out-vegan each other in the hopes of winning his heart.

The author, Dyan Sheldon, wrote this book in the present tense, which really puts the author right in the action.  I thought the chapters were cleverly written and I especially enjoyed the clever and descriptive chapter titles such as "Sicilee doesn't understand it when things don't go the way she wants," and "Sicilee isn't the only one who is unhappy about being ignored," followed by "Waneeda, at least, is used to being ignored."  I enjoyed Sheldon's main characters overall because they were all so different.

It was cute and made me giggle at times but it wasn't amazing.  The title seems a little off, too.  I get what the author was going for, but "going green" isn't really that crazy, even if you do it just to get a guy's attention.  I would recommend this book to a tween looking for a fun read, especially since the ending was so positive.

On a side note, how adorable is that cover?  I love it.

The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love will be released this coming December.

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