Friday, June 3, 2011

The Halo Chronicles: The Guaridan

The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian
Carey Corp
239 pages
Publisher: Carey Corp

You can read the Goodreads summary here.

I don't actively search self-published works.  I'm trying to get over that prejudice and I actually have a couple self-published books in the queue.  If it lands my lap, I'll read it.  Still, I heard some buzz about this book and actually bought it for my Nook for $2.99.  I heard it was really, really good so I thought, "Yes, I'll give this one a try!"

So here's what happened: when I started the book I was rolling my eyes a bit.  The sanguine language of yet another angsty, paranormal YA novel.  But the next day when I continued I felt like it got better.  A lot better.  By halfway through I was planning on giving it four stars!  Then last night I finished the novel and I shut off my Nook, lay down in bed, and I couldn't figure out what to rate the book.  It went from "meh" to "great" and then it ended and I realized... nothing had happened!

High schooler Alexia can see other people's halos.  If they're evil their halos are black and she gets stomach cramps looking at them, but if they're yellow or gold the person is a good person and Alex can stomach being around them.  Alexia is a foster child and she's just trying to get through to eighteen, though I don't know why because she'll still see halos after her birthday.  Then suddenly a guardian angel is thrust into her life.  They fall in love.  Some side-plot stuff happens and we find out her guardian angel is only there to save her life.

Apparently "The Gift of the Saints" has been bestowed about Alex, but by the time the book ends the reader doesn't really know what that means.  Supposedly we'll find out in the second novel so maybe that book will have more of a point.  If I remember to look for it, I'll probably buy it to find out what happens.  And I should say, despite the lack of interesting plot, the book was very well written and the characters were enjoyable.  Three stars!

PS:  Why is Justin Bieber on the cover of this book with badly photoshopped hair?

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  1. I've seen several reviews for this in the blogs I follow. I can't get passed the cover though.


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